Sunday, October 12, 2014


they have no idea what they are in for...

character meal was a hit, the food wasn't so bad either

i think liam has a crush... look at those lovey eyes! 

charlie wanted his head bit off so bad he all but begged him-goofy or pluto, 
whoever that is...

waiting for the shuttle.  kind of lame, a couple times we walked it.  
about 20 min to walk from hotel
the first morning in the park! 
the character meal we did the night before
so we could just focus on the park mayhem the whole next day

the first ride of disney....
...then tea cups.  

its a small world"  had NOT a single person in line.  what?!

ruby's favorite ride in disney...matterhorn bobsled-you can see it behind her head
tinkerbell was sweet
see that cast on emris leg.  poor thing was in a cast for her 1st disney trip!
it got us all to the front of the line on most rides though

 so maybe she didn't mind it as much
we were pretty spoiled this trip -what with the handicap pass 

and it wasn't as crowded in general

4 dollar icecream cones.  so refreshing though!

liam got to be a jedi in training and fight darth vador,
what's his name?  dark or darth?  oh well, liam did awesome
 he even ducked at the right time.  he thought he was pretty cool

cousin emri got chosen too! 
 she had to fight scary man with the scary makeup and horns coming out of his head.
she was so brave!
 she cried when it was over..lay off scary horn guy!
lame car ride
how the kids felt about the shuttle, but they didn't want to walk either...
way rad cars land, different from lame car ride...
aka: charlie heaven

additional charlie heaven: the long awaited "radiator springs" cars ride.
  the real deal.  it was way awesome
we worked the system and went on probably 4 times. 

 never waiting more than 15 minutes.
normally there was always a 60 minute wait for this ride with out the fast passes

sometimes its tiring waiting for the ride to start.
 poor marty wanted to be on the "big" coaster

monsters inc ride was way cool
so many rides the kids loved.  liams favorites were grizzley river run where you get super wet, bugs land rides, soarin over california, jungle cruise
charlie-soarin over cali and cars land ride -of course
ruby-matterhorn, thunder mtn railroad, grizzley river run-she was def. more on the adventurous side- she would have done california screamin with marty-(not i)

 if she was only 2 inches taller!
i guess i should mention here that we took -well i took- charlie and ruby on tower of terror
 marty took liam out before we got on the elevator cuz he was crying
 i had no idea what to expect -only that the staff member said it wasn't scary for kids and that charlie was tall enough, so...why not.  
again   what?!?! 
 was i thinking.  poor charlie shook like a leaf and ruby was just 'silent' scared probably trying not to think or move.  liam would have def. passed out. literally.  i'm SO glad he didn't go on that ride and that he listened to his internal spirit telling him he wouldn't like it.  we are awesome parents, huh?
and we took all three of our kids on space mtn which during october is ghost galaxy-super scary satan skull man screaming in your face the whole time-which again, we were clueless
wowsers, we may have ruined our children for life.  

parades were amazing,  we saw two...
had to get that 4$ icecream again! 
 so yum on a hot afternoon when you need a pick me up

pooped out! im so glad the one bed thing worked out for them. 
 good thing they are littles
their treasures.  thanks gpa lee/merry for sending them some $ to buy a special gift. 

 they loved picking one out
charlies choice was easy, he was done in 1 minute-3 cars
  the other two stewed about it forever!

jungle cruise ride.  one of liams favorites

ruby wasn't too crazy to meet characters, 
but emri really wanted to meet frozen ladies so they had fun going with
me and ruby went on thunder mtn railroad like 4 times~! 

 she LOVED it and the line wasn't bad only waiting 10 ish or less min each time
oh is the sun in your eyes? or are you just super duper wiped out 
and tired! cuz its the last day!!!

awesome world of color show, worth waiting for and getting seats for.

ahhhhhh   the beach!!  3 arch beach
a private beach.

we got hooked up thru jami's friend!
soooo relaxing.  no babies to watch
kids in heaven.  even emri braved it in the cast!

do you think charlie is happy?

the best dad ever

there are 3 arches in that rock
the best of the best seashells we have ever collected!
rewards for being on a private beach , not alot of traffice to steal them all!
run charlie run!

so beautiful,  don't want to leave....:(

the best, grandparents take care of baby nora
she was in heaven and probably spoiled with their attention
thank you GandG!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

the holidays in a flash

this isn't holiday material but i gotta post it.
1st day of school! Ruby in 3rd and Liam in K...

they arrived! all the way from Cali!  everyone needed a snuggle with Nora
cousin love...
Russ broke out the fresh strawberries first thing.  what a hit!
Liam tried to hog them all...

18 people slept in this house one night and 14 most other about CRAZY.  this is what the living room looked like most the time.   glitter gulch is always a place to take visitors to...the kids love it.

prepping dinner ....way too many people in the kitchen at once! i didn't do a dang thing!!
and Russ made me use paper plates! on thanksgiving!!! what!?  that is so not right..
way yummy food though...we were going to bbq one of the turkeys but the bbq-er was broken and needed a new piece! sad sad...

fun at dinner...grandma did a game about what we were thankful for and the kids put on a play, narrated by me, after for our entertainment.  they did a stupendous job!!  we learned alot about those cowboys and indians... i mean pilgrims and indians..

snow canyon!!  such a pretty place and great weather!!

jumping down the sand hills!

cousin love again....such cuties...

jeremy and charlie are besties...   and Nora loves grandma...  and becca was pregnant and didn't tell us the whole time!!! what?!

crazy family gone, Diane stays another two weeks to help us bring in the xmas cheer.  quality time with Gma.

candy countdown chains...tradition..
i now save 25 halloween candies from their bags each year...duH!
why did i never discover this before?

free hot chocolate downtown and santa!!

SNOW in st george utah!  loads of fun... so pretty and canceled...

Nora loves to watch Gma knit.  she loves her...

Gma knit Charlie some mittens and she helped the kids make homemade snow globes...

we took Diane to see Kurt Bestor... really great concert.!

more snowy days!

sledding in the backyard

sledding again at Pine Valley...the kids were cold and didn't last long.

school project and snow in the city

school play, the grinch,  Gma in town to see it! so fun.

Gma went to SLC and Gpa and Nana Merry came to see us!!  with gifts!

love our time with them...

sunday before xmas, Gpa and Merry joined us at church

dinner and nativity with friends, Nora made a beautiful baby Jesus

mini-van express to see christmas, tickets!  get your tickets
kenzie chambers made the cutest little root beer characters for each of us.  

christmas eve dinner with tash and toph...and their family

xmas eve jammies and sleeping together

fun gifts!  3 each from santa

owl hats from Gma Diane

look at Liams face making the boat sound and Charlies mouth making the police car sound and Ruby's mouth wide open concentrating on her sewing! ha!
Charlie got a new bike and Liam a scooter.. we spent the last part of the day riding around in the beautiful weather and playing basketball with Liam's new ball

Charlie's breakfast in bed...he turned 4!!  so sad... i don' t want him to grow up...

we got to morgan that night...cousin party galore!

b-day cake!

chaos of anderton xmas extravaganza!

matching hoodies for all the grandkis saying "property of Gma and Gpa Anderton"  with family name on sleeve

babies of 2013 in Anderton bunch

SLC outing with high school friends

tubing in morgan...SO fun

Charlie wasn't a fan...

new years eve...was kind of fun, kind of a bust....:)