Thursday, March 20, 2008

"The Mini"

Yes, we finally joined the world of mini-vans...a Mazda MPV Baby....I know- Jami & Brett, your disappointed - but we really enjoy it so far and I feel like a soccer mom- ya know what I mean...anyways with gas prices and all we felt this the better choice- but I'd still like a 4-wheel drive down the road- maybe when Marty's car gives up the ghost....


Em and Brad said...

Love the van. Hahaa...we're in the same predicament. We both drive 2 door sports cars, which doesn't really "suit" having a carseat in. We're thinking of new Mazda 6, but who knows. We still have until September.
I'm excited to see you when Ape is in town next month! Yippee!

The Close's Place said...

How embarrassing!!! Jason wants to know if Marty always begs to drive it :)

We are big Mazda fans though, just not the mini van kind :)

Utah Lovebirds said... DO look like the coolest soccer mom ever though.

cheeks said...

i can't believe you caved... seriously though, i thought you were with us on the no van scenario! :)

It looks really nice you think maybe we could catch a ride from the airport in June? I'd love to go for a ride! :) I'm just glad you admit it's a "VAN" and not an "S-U-Van" Just pop out a few more lil tykes and you'll be right in line for "soccer mom of the year."

So, what did you do with the ford....R.I.P. taurus, you will be missed!