Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charlie Bear.

This little guy came by accident 15 months ago...well he was conceived accidentally- I guess about 25 months ago...but really- what would life be without him.?

Slobbery faced Charles.  (photo courtesy of Ruby Wright-with her very own camera)

One of his 'unique' daily rituals is throw absolutely everything out of his crib as he awaits someone to save him from his cage...then he dares give me that smug..."yep I did it again" expression.

Another 'unique' characteristic is his shyness (my other kids were not like this; to this extreme anyway) he can't stand for people to look at him or watch him eat...he closes his eyes and grunts...then he will continue to eat or drink with his eyes closed until you stop looking at him.  It's the oddest thing! If he's in a good mood he won't care and smile and laugh right back at you-but if he's even just a little tired or feels threatened by an overbearing face...he absolutely cannot stand it -he'll bury his head, close his eyes, cover his face-anything to get out of your view and wait for you to kindly look away.

He worships dogs...what baby doesn't?...maybe we should get one?  naaah.

His passion (one of his few) is EATING...he eats like a banshee and if I don't feed him fast enough he is a 'screamer'-what?! What do you do about that?  I can't discipline him and tell him "NO-YOU NEED TO ASK WITH WORDS OR SIGNS?!" ha!  It's just such a frustrating stage because it gets so loud that no one can hear each other speak and then we all end up yelling at each other!  ah.
 ps-despite his eating habits...he hasn't gained weight for months and hasn't grown length- wise since his 12 month appt. (Okay, I get it, I get it...we are all short but he's a baby still-he should be growing) Should I be concerned? Anyone know a good pediatrician...lest I decide to get a 2nd opinion?  His head is in the 70% percentile though...yeah, I remember that all too well. (see here)

He loves the MEN in his life..esp. this one...and he is SUCH a snuggler- besides his open mouth kisses...he gives the biggest, strong-hold around your neck- hugs you ever knew.

And this MAN...his grandpa that just recently moved back to California...we MISS you.!

Charlie's been in this stage of walking for a couple months.  He likes to take steps and stand alot...but nothing's the stage where he wants to be 'down' in a public place but you'd rather die than put him on the floor to crawl around and sweep up the McDonald's floor dust and grime.

This big sister takes care of him 57% of the time...I think between me and Marty -we make up the other 43%!

So it's been said by my MIL several, upon several times that Charlie and my Mom look alike...'ya right' I always said- 'that's crazy talk'...  now, I can see that resemblance...thanks to another photo taken by Ruby...they really do look alot alike to me! Who'd of thought.
  I love you dear Charlie Bear and hope you grow up to be just like this woman you look so much a manly sort of way that is.


Diane Wright said...

A whole post devoted to Charlie. How wonderful. I laughed out loud about the little guy being shy when he eats. That is hilarious. What a wonderful, crazy, sweet, and charming little boy. I love him and I miss him.

Rebecca said...

I lol'd (literally!)about the eating thing too! I must see this!

I'm glad you post the links to your updated posts on facebook. It makes me come check. Keep doing that.