Monday, January 16, 2012

Car Show and Visitors:)

 Jami and her Momma and kids came to town. 
 They hung out with us a bit while they were here!  We loved it...

Of course we took them to our favorite hiking spot- Dixie Rock!

And ate at Tikki, Island Grill, so yummy!

And 'Krave'-build your own yogurt cup of lovin yum....

On Saturday, we went to a car show in Mesquite....

So fun watching Marty with the kids...this is HIS thing, he LOVES cars
And I think Charlie will be just like him.  That boy is obsessed.

We got to watch several cars drive by and rev up their was quite LOUD
 ..but fun to see them in action. (what's with the bink? he only usually has it at won't drag on till he's 5, I promise!)

I wanted to take this old trailer out for a test trip! ha!

Today for Martin Luther day, we took the kids hiking on Chuckwalla trailhead...I love that it was sunny and mild today.  It felt great to get some fresh air...

Blue skies, red dirt.  Love it.  Love these Kiddos.
Then we went to Menchies for frozen yogurt...I could live on that stuff, and the kids get extatic to build their own sick concoctions: like-chocolate and peach yogurt with sour gummy worms, sprinkles, marshmellows, captain crunch and all other sorts of weird toppings!


Rebecca said...

I think it's time for us to come visit. I want to squeeze your kids' faces!

cheeks said...

mind you look so so so cute in that hat! thanks for showing us "your town" :) We had such a great time playin w/ you guys! i reaallllyyyyy want to move somewhere warm like that! do you think menchies is better than krave? do they have more toppings? we haven't tried out the one here yet...

Heather said...

It was really fun hangin' out with you again. Carter said that your little Liam is a cute little guy! didn't know that your hubby was into cars. You guys are always doing so many fun things. I love all the pics!

Rick and Angie said...

My family would have been in heaven (especially Rick) - that looks like so much fun and VERY envious of your weather!!!!

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