Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brian Head

not sure if i ever posted this pic. but we found this incredible snake a month or so back.
we were at the river and liam comes running over, "i found a snake!" 
we didn't really believe he did or thought it was probably a tiny garden snake or something
but he was so excited we ran over to see -and here it was :
big, fat, black and white striped- a california king snake.  pretty cool! 
our friend picked it up for the kids to hold...we wouldn't have dared between marty and i or known it wasn't poisonous!

We went to Brian Head with the Chambers for 2 nights...my first time! 
It was our last sha-bang before the school year starts!  ah!
The kids were in heaven eating popcorn, playing games, "stayin up late".  
Ricki and I are trying to pull a really tired face
because we'd just ran 15 miles that morning!
gag. This training thing really is a joke.

the highlight of the 2 days for the boys was Daxton's Cadillac. 
The trio rode non-stop in this thing when they had the chance.

we rode the {long} gondola up the hill of the ski resort to hike back down and look for treasures...
part of the 'hunt' you pay for in the beginning.
the kids got a treasure map and prizes at the end for what they found and saw.
they loved it, it kept them going for the most part.

i've never been more scared ...well i have.  but i decided i hate heights and having my children spread out on different lifts was causing me anxiety, just to think about them leaning forward and falling off! ugh.
it didn't even phase these suckers in the red...
i kept focusing on the beautiful scenery and my new 'KEEN's- Karlin had a pair too. 
i love them and I love her for being my riding buddy, she was scared too and we just sang a song to charlie and looked at the beauty around us to take our minds off it:)  ha!

nice little lake to skip rocks on about midway through our hike.

Charlie got lugged around most the hike.  we forgot his backpack carrier and poor Kenzie had to haul him on her tiny body...cuz he loves her.
 that little boy needs to take care of his own! 
 although i have to say, he did walk a good portion and the hike was at least 4 miles on rocky terrain.  and he had sandals on that weren't good for hiking- cuz i forgot his shoes
...i know, i am such a good parent.

part of the trail, lasso-ing fake cattle...??

and then lasso-ing real, um not cattle, but ya know...
for him thats a good catch! (don't forget it TONY)

 found this beautiful broken butterfly.  the kids got a kick out of holding it...as did i. 
 it was interesting to see up close and feel it's sticky little tentacles crawl around on my hand. 

we spent some time in the game room, in the jacuzzi and in the outdoor pool. 
again, kids were in heaven. 

this poor boy was tuckered out!
the shiner on his forehead is from 1 week prior when he jumped out of our van and caught himself head first
it was a huge goose ache! and black and purple and bleeding. 
 i am surprised to see it healing like it is. 
this will be my daring, 'invinsible' child for eternity i'm afraid.


rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, I hate the ski lifts too. So terrifying!

cheeks said...

i totally just panicked seeing ruby on that lift without you or marty!! my heart is still pounding! you were totally smart with charlie's carseat!! love that!

i can't believe you got close enough to that nasty huge snake to get a picture....i would have high-tailed it out of there so fast!!!

speaking of high-tailing....are we signing up for october. i think someone just needs to sign me up and tell me i'm doing it! i am scared to commit!!

Diane Wright said...

I love the snake, it's beautiful. I'm going to put it on my facebook for a friend who is in Africa on a mission and who loves snakes.
Brianhead looks like so much fun. Was all that fun had in just one day. I would skip the ski lift. I hate heights. Heights take my breath away and I can't breath.
All the kids are so cute and really, this is the best time of your life with them. I know you know that.
BTW, I didn't know butterflies had tentacles. I thought that was just octipi. Thanks for sharing the fun. I loved it.