Thursday, January 10, 2013

lots of festivities...

making gingerbread houses, crafting gingerbread men, getting in hot tub, watching a movie, playing in the "dusting of snow", running around and screaming with was quite a day we had at grandmas...!
we had christmas early at my parents.  around the 15th...
 caroling at a couple neighbors homes,  we might have to make it a yearly tradition.
the kids loved it.

we did a manger scene of course...
then we had a christmas program and all the families participated-loved that part.
  ruby and liam sang, "it's beginning to look a lot like christmas" and" pine cones and holly berries"- separately and then as a duet...they did superb!  so proud:)

everyone got angry bird shirts (ha!)
 from grandma and grandpa-among other gifts from them
they really try to 'tone' it down every year but it's like they can't help themselves! :)
we got a nice keyboard and an awesome blender from them-thanks momanddad!!

ruby in her school play as a 'happy helper'.  so fun

grandpa lee and nana merry came by for a night on their way from cali to northern utah
they spoiled the kids as well.!!
we loved having them stay the was such a blast. 
kids were in heaven with them
liam was telling his friend the other day how when his "grandpa lee comes-he picks me up and bounces me and turns in circles and says- yippee! yup! scoobedy doo! yikies! "  it was so cute... he loves his grandpa lee and all the energy that comes with him...

the tinies all polished up for church services!
and the adults...i know i look WAY pregno here, but its just the angle yo'

christmas eve with the Chambers family.  we had an awesome dinner that we both contributed to and the kids put on a program that night too.  so fun. 

santas cookies/milk, christmas pj's and pillowcases from their aunt echo in south carolina!  they loved them!

oh, christmas morning... 3 gifts to each this year with an additional one from each other and a pile of three for all of them to share.  it went over pretty well...their stocking was almost enough without the wrapped gifts!  ruby got an american doll and i was a little nervous cuz she is kind of a tomboy and the other gift was a doll carrier with clothes...she wasn't WAY thrilled when she opened it but later that day we played together with her new doll and the other one she already had; and she LOVED it.  later that night she said the doll stuff were her favorite gifts! it was kind of bonding too that we played together, i never really 'play' dolls or make believe with her was a special day.

of course his fav was this huge police car from costco with lights and noises and the whole bit. 
could have EASILY stopped there....

christmas bath after getting home from a chilly dixie rock hike!!
we arrived the next day in CALI wha-whoot!!  aunt kimby was instantly attacked!

grandma di made the cutest little scarf for rubes and kimby made the hat...they are SO dang talented.
liam was in high heaven with imagine X planes and charlie, well you know the story...CARS=HAPPINESS

we went to golden gate park in san fran the next day.  WAY crowded and hard to get around and park...gag.
but it was pretty and we still had a good time!
liam got this shiner on his head after being tripped by cousin anthony...that's what he says anyway:)

riding in the "BIG" bike at golden gate park

yes we DID celebrate charlie's birthday...
i feel so bad, its gonna stink the rest of his life to have a december 26th birthday!
i really am changing it, i really am.
day 3 we ventured out to the beach! man was it pretty cold...but the kids had to have their go in the water still...

chasing waves and getting chased... 

i could have stayed ALL day had it been just a titch warmer or if the sun had been out...
i love the ocean so much...

of course we had to stop by Phils Fish Market for lunch...
the best were the deep fried artichoke hearts...yummy
clam chowder and calamari...

what a happy bunch...  thanks anthony for smiling!!

we went to a DRAGON-HOW TO TRAIN production in San Jose..
thanks rocky for hooking us up with tickets!! 
it was way way way cool.  i loved it as much as the kids.
here are their scary dragon faces... ha!

ruby so loves her aunties!!

the night before we left -which was our 'new years eve' night since we were traveling on that eve back home
we played games, had italian sausage spaghetti and an amazing salad with goat cheese, craisins, pears and yummy dressing and CRAB (marty about died) ... what a fun time! during the games, russ entertained the kids by watching americas funniest home videos...
yay for 2013~  another one bites the dust. 


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