Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Miss Nora's Arrival

a little showing off for grandma before life
changes the next day and a new sibling comes into the world!

the night before
and the morning of...
on our way to the blasted hospital!

i was a week before my due date
the dr. had to "turn" my baby because she was breech still
it wasn't too bad, it hurt a little but not much
these pics are before and post epidural.
i labored from 8 to 3:30 and progressed REALLY slowly on the highest level of pitocin
i sat in a hot bath and on a birth ball ...
my mom and Marty were there just watching me
i wanted to do it naturally like i did with Charlie,
 but this was a way different experience for me
i dislike being induced very much!
nothing came natural or flowed very well
everything was forced and awkward
we did to my body in a couple hours what would have taken at least 7 more days to do on its own
after epidural i was able to rest till 5 when i was ready to push
i HATE being numb and love it at the same time.
i dislike being able to feel what i am doing!
its hard to know if i'm even pushing and i hate not having control over my legs
but being without pain was SOO nice of course!
it took only 3 contractions to push her out
i didn't tear or get cut...that is a HUGE blessing!!
isn't this pic crazy!
 look how blue the cord is and how purple her body is...!
kinda alien-ish...

she was my second smallest, only Liam weighed less but he was 4 weeks early...

so precious to see these kids immediately love her...

she is an amazing sister already.
she will pick up, burp, binki, wrap up, change diaper...etc.
Nora is better for her than me!

so nice to have my mom here for the birth and a whole week after!!
she helped us so much!
and it's such a blessing to have your kids with someone that loves them and that i trust completely-even more than myself:)
our little peanut

my dad came for a couple days.  love him.  he is a gem
photography by Ricki.  she is so great to do these for me....


rebecca said...

I can't wait to meet her! Those pictures are darling. The purpleness of her right after she was born... is that normal? I don't remember that!

rockyy said...

Love this!!! So many wonderful pics! 5 more days til I meet her...yey!!!

rockyy said...

Love this!!! So many wonderful pics! 5 more days til I meet her...yey!!!

Rick and Angie said...

OH my goodness - she is such a doll. Congrats and what a story!

Final Approach said...

Way to go....... Congrats