Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lake Alamanor

we went to the lake in california over the first week of august with marty's was great as's a yearly happening and it never gets old because it is a beautiful place!
russ, my brother in law is a farmer in cali and always brings loads of fresh produce to the cabin, ruby will eat berries anytime of day and she downs them like it's her life support.....sure makes a mess
ruby made a new "best friend" at the lake..her aunt kimby (actually kim never goes by kimby but made a special exception) ..ruby just latched on to her and even grandma diane was sad from the lack of attention she got..ruby still asks where her "best friend kimby is".....she misses you kim
i still can't believe we all fit in the cabin, even though it's a good size, and it's only going to get harder every year , especially with 3 new babies due in the next five months! i know you can't tell who else is pregno but two other lucky winners in this pic are just a couple months behind me!
ruby tubing with dada....she cried and we had to stop...but she did tube at lake powell so she's not the sissy you might at first think she is....
grandma diane (marty's mom) is a pro-knitter, we keep telling her to sell her creations but she's just too humble.....she made this for ruby among other beautiful things for other grandkids...ruby loves the way it hugs her hips...she struts


Jim Tiff and Kidlets said...

You guys are master posters. It was cool to see marty's side of the family. Looks beautiful, and tons of fun.

the gilson's said...

talk about a rockin' number 2 post. Looks like a cool lake!

Debi & Guy said...

Looks like FUN !!! Ruby is getting so big! Stop it, before it's too late. Tell her she can't grow up for at least 5 more years!

cheeks said...

Soo cute! I too think gma diane needs to make some $$$$$ on those creations! I'm a little jealous i'm not an in-law...maybe i can inherit some hand-me downs?!

We miss you guys a ton! How's the new place coming along? Did you get it all painted? Are you moved in yet?