Wednesday, October 3, 2007


fall is absolutely the Best time of year , sorry for all you summer lovers.. but fall (especially in Utah) beats all other seasons! I love everything about it....harvest, football, school starting, crisp air, sweaters and jackets, pumpkin patches, warm pie's , the begining of the holiday season, changing leaves, it makes me soooo happy...........

Ruby and cousin Carter at "Gram's" house picking apples...just incase anyone was wondering, i have blue eyes and marty has brown...(we are such good photographers, i forgot to zoom out as we vainly tried to take pictures of just ourselves.)


cheeks said...

MINDY!! You look SOOOO great! I can't believe you are out and about! I love the pics! THe leaves are BEAUTIFUL! I am definitely missing the mountains this season...some leaves are changing here, but their not as vibrant as when you see the whole mountainside covered with color! Ruby is too cute... I miss her so much! I think she has changed in looks even since we left. :( She is so freakin cute! Love you guys!

Post more close ups of Liam! (please)

cheeks said...

What the heck? that WAS weird...some of these pics weren't on there just a minute ago! Liam is so HANDSOME! I love the pic of courtney and liam w/ mom!