Thursday, November 29, 2007


We had Thanksgiving with Marty's dad...we had a good time....this picture was taken before dinner, you should of seen us after with our pants unbuttoned..
Last night we dressed up to go to the Weber County Bar Christmas Party for Marty's was interesting to get a glimpse into the attorney world .....still don't know if Marty's sold on it.....but it was pretty fun


Sarah said...

Ya'll are so dang cute and festive!!!

the gilson's said...

cute family.

cheeks said...

Mindy, you're a babe! Seriously!

Liam looks so big already! I'm sad i missed the "newborn" phase. Even though he'll just be 3 mos when we're there he won't be so small like i absolutely love the most! Oh well...i'm sure i'll still want to hold him every second!

Rubster is so stylish in her winter sweater/beanie/gloves/ and so cute boots! We have yet to see real snow here...lots of rain.

Kimby said...

Wow, you did get snow! I am jealous, we haven't gotten any yet. Ruby is adorable and good night you are a hottie. Love ya

John & Nichole said...

Mindy!!! Hey Aimee Morrison just told me that she bumped into you at some law thing in Weber!!! She gave me your blog...hope you don't mind?

I haven't seen you guys in forever! I can't believe you have TWO kids..they are sooo cute! Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!! I recently heard that Marty is working with Theron...that is awesome! Now that I think of it...I remember someone mentioning you guys had moved to Utah. You will have to send me your address and info so we can get together. We have been trying to get the law school clan together once a year. We headed it out twice and had a BBQ and swim party up at John's parents. But this year I was a bit busy (did you here we had twins almost a year ago?...that totals 5!!!) Anyway it was thrown together at the last minute and only a few ended up coming. You guys will have to come next summer!!!

Well keep in touch. Check out my blog at!

Your family is so darling...and I love you hair! It is darker and shorter...ewww sexy mama!!!

Diane Wright said...

I can't believe you caught a smile on camera from Liam. I miss being there holding him snuggling him. I miss Ruby telling me "Not you" Keep those pictures coming.

Love you guys, Mom/grandma Diane

Emily said...

Aawww....look how cute your family is, Mindy! Liam is adorable. I am such a slacker at keeping in touch. Now that I have a blog, hopefully we can keep in better touch. I mean, geez...we both live in Ogden but don't ever see eachother. Anywho--I'm excited to see you on the 17th. It should be fun! Love ya!

Emily (Warner) Wyatt

The Losee's said...

Hey Marty it's Amy (Close). Your mom sent me the link to your blog. Your kids are so adorable. I'm glad to see you are doing well!

Kath said...

Mindy!!! I have seriously been trying to track you guys down for the last two years! This is Kathryn from law school. I tried to send you a Christmas card last year at what I thought was your address but it came back. Your kids are adorable. Can I totally add you to my list of blog friends? I was so excited to see you on Nichole's friend list. Do you have any idea what happened to Noal and Becky S.?