Friday, February 8, 2008

Tummy Time

"Okay, this isn't so bad, I can maybe see why my mom periodically lays me on my tummy, to grow strong, lift my head, get some excercise....lets see , it's getting a little's been over 25 seconds..." "Alright, lets see, if I give it my all, maybe mom will be proud, I just gotta push a little harder, maybe I can hold strong 30 more seconds..."
"Uh, no, this sucks, I'm done, forget pleasing anyone, this is my call and I'm uncomfortable!! Maybe if mom would do this more often, I could get used to it...but I have a feeling she doesn't like to hear me cry my eyes out..."

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Utah Lovebirds said...

LOL. I hardly ever give Lydia tummy time either because she cries her eyes out too. Hey. Do you think if we skip tummy time altogether, she would go straight to walking? You can't crawl on your back! Just kidding. I'm not that bad of a mom.