Friday, October 7, 2011

{my babes}

{my pretend 2011 school pictures}
{pictures of from the real photographer to come}
{I was just in the background shooting my own-ha}

{this cracker-jack is a RIOT to try and catch with the camera} my heck.

{he'll whip out those dreamy eyes in a snap}
{watch out girls}


Karen said...

so cute!

Rebecca said...

Love the stance of Charlie! These are in a really cool looking place!

Kim said...

So cute! Ruby looks like a little minnie version of our Loft models! And Charlie is gettin so big! Love those darn kids but I wish they would stop growing...I'm missing it all!

Diane Wright said...

Are you sure you didn't rent some models for these pics. You did a great job with the pictures. Miss those guys.

Rick and Angie said...

You have 3 of the most cutest kids on the planet!