Thursday, September 29, 2011

the latest...

Canning salsa is NOT fun...but so very good to eat.
  Wish I'd made more.  Than I stayed on my canning streak
 and 'made up' some applesauce-my kids love it.  Wish I'd done more
 of that too.  I need my sisters or mom around to (motivate and)
 do a day-marathon of canning with me! 

Speaking of sisters and Mom, we went to 'Time out for Women'...  our second year in our new tradition.  I LOVE it and need it.  It changes me. We went to the one in Logan and stayed at my S-I-L's house in Nibley -and ate chocolate all night.   My sisters are the best.  We get along so good and I cherish their friendship. 

Speaking of cherished friendships...we had Ryan (Marty's bro-
 I know they don't look a thing a like-but they act like twins) and his
 wife Becca and their two adorable kiddo's come visit us for
 the weekend.  We LOVED having them. 
We haven't seen them in a very long time. 

Marty has never done a back flip for me in his life...but
 as soon as Ryan starts showing off...he jumps right in!
What ?!
He is so hot now.

So Becca just had a baby (sweet Emma) like, um... SIX WEEKS AGO> 
  Seriously do you fit in those skinny jeans after 6 weeks?!
Lots of ice cream (sick-who puts gummy bears
 in ice cream-kids!) and sleepovers when cousins come to town...
let that be a lesson to ya'all!  Come visit us! Ruby LOVED
reading the bedtime books to the 'younger two'.  She was in high
heaven being their little caretaker.

We went to Zions the next day.  It was free national park day.  The next time around is Nov 11 -13.  It's way worth the wait- not paying 25$ for each park you want to see!

We went on just one hike because of time and our knowledge of the kid's 'durability'.  It was the 'weeping rock'.  A perfect short hike for the weary; aka: small kids.  And the end result is fun ...esp. in the spring when there is more water (I hear.)

Ruby and Liam brought their own little packs of exploring essentials.  Apparently their cape is one of them.!  Ha!  Hilarious.  Whatever keeps your feet-a-movin kids.!

Capes in action...can't you see the extra power and accuracy?
Needless to say, after the shortest hike of Marty and I's life....everyone was especially tired and thirsty!


Rebecca said...

That is quite possibly the worst angle that picture could have been taken from. Was it Ryan or Marty who took it? If it was Ryan, I'm going to give him the silent treatment for one minute as punishment. Just kidding.
We loved staying in your beautiful house and hanging out with ya'll. We'll be back fo sho.

Mindy and Marty said...

hahahahaha! one min. becca ...that is great..! it was a bad angle for us. sheesh don't men have brains when they take pictures.! golly.

The Close's Place said...

Love that picture of the baby asleep on Marty. So sweet!!