Thursday, February 16, 2012

LOVE in the shape of a HEART

Many things and people to are just a honor of Valentines .
I LOVE sunrises. and sunsets for that matter
Here is one I experienced one morning right outside my patio.
Everything was glowing reds and picturesque!

{I certainly love these two HOMMIES}

I love that my little man is SO SO SO into cars and trucks and 'doctors' (helicopters)
...Marty is such a proud daddy!

Liam and Ruby...LOVE spaghetti! They prefer to eat it every night. 
Charlie is picky, picky about food but he still took some bites this night..which was a miracle!  {anyone with picky eaters go HERE}

Marty and I love to have friends ;)  Especially the kind that like to eat.  Roasting marshmallows in a cafe?  oh yeah.

We love to CHOOSE THE RIGHT}  right kids??

Of course and almost most importantly Marty and I love each other...even when we can't pull off a 'hollywood kiss' for the camera!  ha! 
{we went hiking to Dixie Rock-alone (thanks Ricki) on Vday morning with a cup of hot chocolate and looked over St. George and relished the peace and quiet and warmth of the sun and cocoa and view of the valley.  Such a perfect way to start the day, thanks babe}

How can we not...even with ALL the meltdowns and screaming and fighting for our attention EVERYDAY-love these 3.  They are our life.

I love to have a dear friend that lives close, that knew me when I had brown curly hair and 'teenage chub' and more freckles than I do now:)  Her kiddos and my kiddos have a grand time together.

These Cliffords.  They rock.  And we LOVE to eat what they cook-up. 
 Always divine.

We love how angry birds can bond and pull our kids together like THAT. SNAP.
Forget FHE..ha!  kidding.
This is your much can you possibly hold in there? 
I've found that it can be a whole lot more than I thought. 


Rick and Angie said...

I LOVE this post - it's sooo cute & true. LOVE you!!!! xoxoxo

Diane Wright said...

I love you too.