Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week from H. E. double toothpicks

I kept putting it off and then forgot and somehow in the funny part in the back of my mind I thought... 'people don't get as sick here like they do up north..because it's mild weather and your not cooped up in your house or buildings all winter spreading germs, so they probably don't need a flu shot!' 

It hit us on Wednesday. And it went in this order...

1. Ruby- woke up in the night on Wednesday with stomach cramps.  She threw up twice but was up several times crying with her pains.  The next day -Thursday- she didn't leave her bed ONCE, not once.  She was in a terrible state.  A fever and cramps and aching body and kept saying her chest hurt.  So I was her nurse-maid: in and out of her room all day.
She was miserable, poor baby girl.

2.  Liam started coughing in the night on Thursday.  Nothing much, but Friday he started coughing more and more he couldn't take a nap because he was coughing so much..  Saturday he was coughing NON stop.  I mean literally nonstop.  It is the worst I have ever seen or had in my kids.  And it was a deep barking cough (not the croupe kind-but still a bark) it took everything he had each time he had a coughing fit.  I'm sure he had a sore, raw throat from all the coughing. And if I had a headache I'm sure his was pounding.  I almost wanted to shake him several times and say STOP COUGHING!!!!  It was so unnerving for two days straight.  It has been the most frustrating couple of days in my parenting career.  Especially at night when his coughing kept us all awake.  The worst part was...nothing helped, no doTerra, no cough syrup, no steaming shower, no humidifier, no cough drops, nothing. 
Poor baby boy.

3.  Charlie- got the bug too but it manifested itself not so much in throwing up, which her never did thank goodness- but diarrhea!  He had terrible diarrhea all day on Saturday.  Just straight squirts and it made his behind so irritated and raw.  The most foul smell.  I even called Marty home early from the Preisthood Leadership Meeting he was at on Saturday afternoon because I went to change yet another diaper and it was like 2 full cups of liquid-too much to even soak into the diaper!!  Never seen that before, it scared me.  I had to hold him over the toilet to even take the diaper off and it all came splashing down into the bowl.  When I looked in to see if his insides came out with it, I noticed two weird looking things in all that liquid...I thought it was a parasite or something.  Come to find out it was an undigested gutted out grape:)  So good thing Marty came home to help me figure that out.
  Poor baby, baby boy.

In the end- the kids had different symptoms to begin...but they ALL developed a fever, the squirts and that dang cough!
Noone coughed like Liam did though.  I wonder what made his so bad and consistent...endless.

Now between me and Marty- he got the chest cold/cough part and I got the stomach bug.  Like I said...


cheeks said...

Poor babies and parents :( I'm so sorry mindy!! That's when all you want is for Someone else to be the mom so u don't have to clean up any more poo or puke and sleep, just sleep forever---

I sure hope you're all on the mend!!! There's a better week in store for you! Xoxo

The Close's Place said...

Wow, so descriptive Mindy!!! Very gross ;)
Sorry for the awful week. At least it's over, right?

Anonymous said...

We feel for you. The flu bug has been horrible this year. But we don't get flu shots because we had a horrible experience with it. Personal opinion.

Mindy and Marty said...

oh stacy i wish it was over! i kind of thought it was but we were up 6 times last night. 1. liam said his cough hurt 2. ruby said her chest hurt 3. liam had a coughing fit- 4. ruby woke up with diarrhea-way too much for a girl that size. 5. liam came in saying his tummy hurt. 6. ruby had a bad dream each of these times marty and i both got out of bed to help...i don't know when we'll ever get a full undisturbed night of sleep again!! :)

Kim said...

Wow Mindy...what a week! I wish I lived closer so I could of helped! Being sick when you are trying to take care of other sick people? Just horrible!