Tuesday, April 24, 2012


i swear the temperature has not been fair lately....we had family come visit a week and a half ago and it rained ALL DAY SATURDAY.
believe you me, we still went to Dixie Rock for hiking regardless of the rain!!  Ruby is acting like she is going to die-(she is the hunched over one in the black), it wasn't THAT cold but it was pretty chilly for St. George.

Brystun (my nephew) was Liam's little hiking buddy...Liam was in high heaven. hiking really is his thing...can that be a high school sport? :)
of course these two cousins love to be together, this is how i found them the first night.  they started out on the floor in sleeping bags.!  hilarious. 
i didn't get any other pictures with our guests, but we went to 'anti-gravity' after lunch on Saturday, since it was RAINING ALL day.  Lo and behold, Sawyer (my little nephew) breaks his arm there!  Poor trip for Ryan and Jaimi!  I am so sorry guys-
crappy weather + a broken bone=i want to scream! ha!
 please come again and re-try, i swear to make it up to you....
and then not a day after they left...it heated right back up again! 
this is Charlie's FAVORITE past time lately.{it's our man made sand box} and luckily we have our trampoline acting for a shade tree:)  it's perfect.  Charlie could stay out here for days.........

our roses in the front...we didn't get to enjoy these last year because we moved here in the summer.  they are so pretty!

Ruby's teacher appreciation gift. thank you pinterest! 
 although 20 other mommies probably put together the same gift!  ha!
Charlie on the 'train' at the {KITE FESTIVAL}.  it was NINETY degrees on this Saturday!  In April!!!  What the?!

yes, i had to ride with him...., it was bonding for us.

trying to find some shade, and trying out the kite...

cutest thing ever- watching your daughter run with her kite as she glances back every couple steps to watch it fly.
love it.

after the festival... in 90 degrees, in April...what do you do?  get wet!  and eat macaroni! 
and yesterday {monday} it got up to 97 degrees, so no, this was not the hottest day so far, we almost hit 100....in APRIL.
talk about zero to sixty!

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Diane Wright said...

Seeing those pictures of Charlie under the trampoline reminded me so much of Marty. His favorite thing to do was to sit in the dirt and play with his cars. They must be related. We have strange weather too. We had 80 degree weather last weekend and now it's raining and cool.