Friday, April 13, 2012

e.a.s.t.e.r. spells...

the Sunday before Easter...we were going to be out of town for Easter...
so they dressed in their clothes the week prior..

Charlie, the mini-man, in this picture.

a we had an Easter hunt and lesson for FHE
on the Monday before Easter with some friends...

Ricki, Teresa and I

The weekend of Easter, Megan and Trevor came into town to go camping.  We met up with them at their campsite near Zions for some hot dogs; oh and marsh mellows:)

Ruby's so sad in this picture because I had just told her she was NOT sleeping over with her cousins...poor thing.
Ruby had no school Friday and Monday the weekend of Easter so we headed up north on Friday afternoon.
{Coloring eggs with cousins}
it was not, easy believe, me with all these cups of colored water and 5 small, eager children
who are very independent and wanted to do it all on their own!

Charlie was crazy over these eggs, he decorated more than the others combined.!

the not so calm before the storm...
my dad corralling the kids before they 'release the Crackin!' 

notice all the moms in the reflection with their cameras...

a curious find .. dog among the candy?..
(it was dropped off a platter just 30 min earlier, so still pretty fresh)

this basket looks totally normal to Charlie...he is a hot dog maniac.

so exciting...he was saying "wooowww.."

all the loot.........after its found, it all needs to be organized so the kids get a fair load...
my Mom is a very fair
Grandma and Easter Bunny.

Oh, brothers...
get along so well,
yet can fight like cats and dogs...

{the real Easter morn}
We played Easter Bunny on Sunday, leaving baskets by their beds.
In the future I am going to keep it all on Saturday and
leave Sunday to the real reason, focusing on just that.

{i love spring!} 

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rebecca said...

I like that idea of the Easter bunny coming on Saturday! I'm stealing it!