Sunday, June 10, 2012

1st grade blues...

Ruby graduated from 1st sad~  Life moves on, right.  time flies by.

her great teacher Mrs. Comeford. 

my mom was in town with my sister Michelle and her two girls...

eating at Durangos, so good.  better than cafe rio. and you gotta love eating outside and having the kids play in the water.  perfect.

we went on a hike for FHE.  the temple quarry hike- where many, many years ago pioneers built a road up a canyon to cut out rock to build the temple.  i wouldn't say it was the most gorgeous hike but pretty interesting.
{charlie misses his grandmas and all the attention he gets from them}

cousin time is the absolute best... for them! it gets quite loud when they are all running around screaming in my house...but its probably worth it. 
popsicles in the tub, nothing smarter :)

my mom rode ruby to her last day of school on the bike.  such a fun memory for her!  thanks momma, i know it'd been a couple years since your last bike ride so you may have been a bit nervous! :)
  we took ruby out for ice cream after the big, last, day.

thanks sista' Michelle for making the DRIVE down here, esp. when it was so HOT. 
come next time in February, you'll LOVE it.

my mom modeling the apron i made for her mothers day gift. 
thanks for always wearing an apron so its easy to give you a gift! ha!  your the best.
this is our other family away from family.  our boys could sort of pass as twins in this picture and we didn't even plan it.  lucky us to have them around.

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