Saturday, September 8, 2012

aladdin/labor day

we went to see Aladdin last week.
  it was so fun for the kids.
 they did a really great job with the production.
ruby was crackin' out loud.

nice 3D glasses dude.
ruby insisted on doing her hair like jasmine after the show that night.
good thing she didn't care to dress like her too!
sheesh. lots of belly action going on.
good thing they got abs!

it was a fun little outing with the kiddo's.
and we got our tickets for 15$ each!
pretty sweet. the kids had blood shot eyes the next morning.
we didn't get home till midnight...on a school night.  shame on us.

labor day weekend we hauled to the unitahs to bear river cabins
my awesome parents have a time share and we each get a weekend to use every year.
we LOVE our relaxing, free, time there!
its beautiful surroundings
 top pic -classic charlie face

ryan and becca came with us.
it was so great to spend time with them!

we hiked around butterfly lake in the on and off rain.
but by and large the kids loved the river by our cabins the best.
these men though, reverted to kid world when they got caught up in the "i bet i can throw a bigger rock than you" game and "lets see how big our splash can get" contest.

the view from the river to our cabin
we got to play fun cards for a min before we pooped out in bed!
we went up to see my parents for a day or two after. 
celebrated an early 5th birthday for liam with my mom and dad
 (pics to come of his crazy shark party here in george today)

labor morning we hiked to the M in morgan...
with all our kids!!!
ruby ran practically up the whole thing and back down
without ONE complaint! and it was STEEEEE-EEP .
you go girl!
thats what i'm talking about....
and marty trooped up the dirt with charles on his back. 
heavy load!

the cutest ever
and...the cutest ever.
these two cousins kill me.
they are inseparable when together.

liam on the actual M
the same one we see every time we get close to grandmas!
i'm so proud of him.
and so proud of my parents!


Diane Wright said...

There are two pictures that I love. The family picture where the kids are hamming it up and the cousin picture with liam and his cousin. So so cute. You are all amazing hikers. I'm proud of you. What an awesome family you have.

Final Approach said...

Love the "M"......