Monday, September 24, 2012

can i just say....

I. love. fall. so. very. much.
we had to sneak away today for FHE
into the land of FALL
(fall here does not arrive until late Oct. early Nov.)

this is on our way to cedar breaks...(a national monument)
just one hour-ish from our home-abode.

it is a bit chilly compared to our home-abode
VERY windy. cold wind as you can tell from ruby's unhappy little face
liam didn't mind-he is our little hiker and wanted to keep going and going....

this is a part of cedar breaks
seriously beautiful
and breathtaking

for reals rube?- do ya have to do the face?
i couldn't stop taking pictures,
i was like a foreign tourist...
it was fall leaves on one side of the road
 and THIS on the other...!

i know its a little redundant,
but like i said, i couldn't stop
and then i couldn't weed any out...
you know your like that too, come on.
{a storm blowing in}

the mighty wind blowing...


this was in brian head..
we drove that way home and made a loop
SO different then when we were there a month or so ago...
i could live there all fall-year round (except for the extremely cold wind of course)
why can't fall BE year round.
maybe it would lose it's magic then,
like mini eggs year round-you probably wouldn't have a hernia when they came out in the spring..??


cheeks said...

hahaha!! I just love you!! I think you're right...about fall. and mini-eggs.

I took a million pics at the cabin this weekend, and I couldn't stop either. The leaves are A.MA.ZING. :)

Cedar breaks looks surreal. Really. like a backdrop. Love it! and all Rube's faces! haha! can't wait for her to be a teenager.

and i love your sexy, skinny minny leg on the wall pic. seriously. hot mamajama! love you!

cheeks said...
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Diane Wright said...

So glad you took so many pictures. I should frame them all and hang them around my room and then it would feel like I was there. Did Ruby take the picture of you and Marty? I love Ruby's faces, they are so Ruby. One day she will laugh at these pictures. I don't know what mini-eggs are???? I love you!!!!

morgan and tina said...

You're awesome. Love Cedar Breaks. Love Lake Las Vegas. We went there when I graduated from college for a nice little break before we had the Colbster. Picture a 6 month preggo me FUH-RIED. Awesome. You and your fam are just plain fabulous!