Wednesday, April 17, 2013

baptism day...

so happy to have this little girl...she was so excited to be baptized.

we had family come into town for her baptism this last week....
of course we went hiking....:)
this is my sister, michelle and her kids
most of my other siblings are coming to George for other reasons
during the month of april and couldn't afford to come twice in a month:(
but everyone thought of her w/a card or gift or call.  thank you!!

we went hiking again to glitter gulch- when some of ruby's cousins got here on saturday.
grandma diane was here for almost a week! it was so fun to have her here!
the kids soaked her up
we went to breakfast one morning with my parents and her.
 bear paw cafe...a MUST if you visit  George- oh and get their stuffed french toast.
grandpa lee and merry drove from cali-a 9+ hour drive- on friday, stayed saturday for the baptism and drove home again sunday morning early.  i lOVE them for coming...what a sacrifice!!  ruby felt so special ALL week.
family made it that way.  thank you family!!

the big day...
 dinner afterwards at the pavillion at the church....
one of rube's favorite cousin-miss kenya

ryan and jaimi drove here from logan
ryan and becca from murray
they made me happy. what a great show of support and love.

all the grandparents...

uncle mike and kristi were there also and ricki and tony- our adopted family here in george:)
ruby's smiles started to look forced by the end of the day:)
poor girl

the monday following we went to zions with ryan and becca for ryans 31st. birthday!
he's never been there before
it was good weather and we had a great time!
{always breathtaking scenery}
ruby was in her school play.  she played the 'baby' of the family.
it was as cute as school plays go.... she did a great job for her first acting gig.

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