Monday, April 1, 2013


swimming lessons for the boys!

baby shower for megan...her girl after 6 boys!  

hooded towel I made for her...she got so much cute stuff,
 so excited for her and her family!

spring break week...spent alot of time with these gals and their kiddos...
hiking at "white rock"

kissing lizards and playing in the white sand...such a cool place.

bbq and fire pit for s'mores with friends...
swimming with the gals and all our kids...
baptism pics for she really 8??

these are NOT the professional ones...ricki took and edited really great ones that i can use to print out and on invitations. your the best rick! thanks.
there she is in action.  she got ruby to do real smiles- so proud of her:)
ruby's birthday breakfast.  monkey bread, grapefruit and blueberries with milk and sugar.  and the leprechaun came to reek havoc...

cutest hat from grandma diane.  love it! so cute on her.

her favorite gift other than her 'dream lite'...scriptures;)
for my wise old owl of an 8 year old!!  

fun at grandmas for easter... a special date with grandma and grandpa in slc for her 8th year of life...

all the girlies for easter weekend -lunch and egg hunt for the kids- the most anticipated event of their year.

egg hunt with cousins...

they had a hunt the week before with the chambers...for FHE
now this one at grandmas- holy spoiled.  everything has to be organized and distributed out evenly after its all found and gathered.  my mom is hilarious! and very fair:)

easter morn...

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Kim said...

oh what a fun month! love all the events and pics! you look fabulous and I can't believe how fast your kids have grown!