Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy Little Bees...

we have been crazy busy lately , but here are some pics of our Easter entourage...
Charlie's been doing alot of this crying thing lately.  Poor him, poor us.  He still is the sand beneath my toes though, (on a warm, beautiful beach) -meaning- I still love him. 

Such great weather for Easter this year!  FINALLY.

Charlie is such a wrestler!  He is so used to wrestling with his siblings and DAD that he has to do it w/anyone he sees on the ground.  He takes that as a sign that -your ready-.  See exhibit A...attacking his cousin Brigham who has NO IDEA whats coming, then he pulls him down in a head lock with a victory grin.  Then he needed comfort from Dad and Grandpa cuz he got scolded for being too rough.  Signs of the times?- Elementary School playground?

Easter cupcakes, gotta have 'em.  So cute with the green coconut topping for the nest and jelly beans for eggs.  I think Ruby might have enjoyed hers.
Check out his LOAF.  Who's the baker/creator-no other, then my Dad himself!  He is the bread making machine....EVERY Sunday he bakes bread or rolls...he used to PAY us to make homemade bread when we were teens -but no one was ever consistent.  So he took it up to learn on his own.  He is AMAZING, his BREAD is to die for.  He created this Bunny Loaf for Easter...the kids went Coo Koo's over it. 

We can never get a normal picture anymore w/this character on the right. 

Cupcake and Easter Egg Creating.  Such a messy tradition that kids LOVE. 

My new little niece Loralye.  Michelle and Jared are proud parents of two as of 1 week ago.  Check out her blog, HERE, for more info on this sweet thang' and her LOADS of hair.


cheeks said...

brett and i are laughing at the headlock pics! so funny!! i love that your dad made bunny bread! maybe i'll have him teach me the ways of bread making while we're living there! it really always is amazing! why don't i know anything about easter cupcakes?? how was st.g? i need updates!

Diane Wright said...

Everything in this blog is so fun. I laughed at Charlie the wrestler. Could he be a sumo in disquise? I also love the picture of him with the "carrot" in his mouth. That smile reminds me of your mom. Ruby is so beautiful, and I love her dress. I miss those little monkeys.