Thursday, May 19, 2011

Will someone please explain this...

Ruby fell asleep at the counter in this position, while waiting for dinner. Steaming salmon was sputtering in her face just inches away.  Are my kids worn out?!  Or is Ruby known to sleep in weird positions -at weird times.?  See HERE(scroll down to pic of Ruby sleeping) and HERE .

Other than living with my parents and having everything out of
 'the norm' for us- while we wait for the big move (MAY 27th! ) 
Ruby's been busy with her kindergarten bliss.  She LOVES school
 and LOVES her teacher!  This was the end of school program she had last
 week.  I've never seen her sing with such vigor and enthusiasm!  Nothing
 compared to her last Primary Program where she just sat back and rolled
her eyes and hardly sang a word!! What's up with that?!  She was like a new
butterfly coming out of her ca someone was standing in front of
 her with a bucket full of sweet tarts to devour if she only sang loud.  All the
kids were so, so into it (amazing) and it was so fun to watch.

Her family, best buddy, grandma and teacher.
4 very important peoples in her life.

Another thing that most likely wore my little one out is that she
 and Liam had technically the 'best day of their life'.  We took them to a
fun house in Salt Lake (an xmas gift from Ryan and Becca-thank you!)
and the kids said over and over (very empathetically) that 'THIS IS THE
 BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!'... seriously?  Marty and I got headaches and sea
 sickness but it was worth it to see these easy it
sometimes is to please a child.!


We had extra money to spend at the arcade upstairs...(not our cup
 of tea)...BUT Marty won like a billion tickets, he kept coming down with
 handfuls' like this and in the end we were able to redeem 3 light up rings
 and a toy car for our kiddos.(it takes approx. 5,000 to really get anything
 big-we weren't quite there, HA)  Nonetheless these trinkets were like
 giving them GOLD!... hilarious.

Truly the best day in their little hearts for a long time.  The ice
cream topped it off.  I am really not surprised to find my kids
passed out in diverse places...I only wish I had the same luxury


Diane Wright said...

That was the best Christmas gift I do believe. It looks like so much fun. I just want to hug all of you. I also want a bite of that ice cream and fall asleep on the counter when I'm done. I want to do it all. Love you tons!!!

allie said...

oh my goodness! mindy that is too funny. these pictures will be gold when she gets older!

Kim said...

Looks like fun - look how fast your kids are growing! Excited for your next adventure in St George! Someday that is where we want to end up. Sorry I have been MIA...going to post soon on the reasons...wondering if you can email or call me - - we are headed to Bear Lake this weekend and want to know where that sweet little hike you went on do we get to the start of it? Need some bliss like that. Thanks! Good luck this week with the move and keep in touch!

Kim said...

email is btw! :)

Kim said...

okay... i realized you went to bear lake twice...i want the hidden treasure hike on august 22, 2010 that you went to with your family. we r in charge of a day of activity. thanks! Sorry to bombard your comment section. :)

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The babies look sooo cute! They are the cutest thing.

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You have the cutest babies in the world!

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