Sunday, November 6, 2011

2 Frightening Days...

1. Halloween-here they are ready to rock n' roll!

We trick or treated with some friends. 
This little one Karlin has ALWAYS got Charlie attached to her somehow!
  Usually on her skinny little hip.  I swear they probably weigh close to
 the same amount...I love when she's around!

Spooky Spider:)

Liam's best buddy, Trevor, was also an incredible!  What tuff stuff they are as a team.

Our neighborhood is SO fun at Halloween.  The streets are packed with kids.  One family(Drapers) had a BBQ out front of their house offering anyone and everyone -hot dogs, chips and soda.  They had 'How to Train Your Dragon' playing from their projector onto the garage with chairs set up for the kids.  It was such a nice break from running around to just sit and rest for a bit:)  The weather was awesome!  Perfect temperature.  The other picture is a guy from our ward that is always the 'Headless Horseman' in our neighborhood.  He rides around and around on Halloween night; fascinating all the kids.  LOVE it.

Oh yeah...the LOOT. 
 Charlie's first real experience to divulge and not be restrained...
can you tell he was beside himself?
2. The Snow Canyon Half on November 5th in St. George.  My 3rd half marathon!  It was BEAUTIFUL.  Such a gorgeous run through Snow Canyon.  Thanks to Ricki for training with me and pushing me to get ready for it.  I achieved my PR!  (1:44).  It was so exciting and excruciating...all at the same time:)

The weather this day was NOT perfect.  It was FREEZING.  Marty and the kids came to see me finish-poor babies were not happy about the blistering wind.  They didn't last very long and I was ready to hit a HOT bath ASAP. 


cheeks said...

that headless horseman is a great idea! love it! way to go on another 1/2! you seriously rock! are you coming this weekend?!??!?!

Kim said...

Halloween looked like lots of fun! What a fun neighborhood you have! Can't wait to see you guys!

Mom A said...

Great job on the half! My PR is 2:57. I'm always happy if I break 3.00. I don't run though--I walk fast.

PB & J said...

Super Cute Mindy! I didn't know you had a blog!!!

Diane Wright said...

Have I told you that you are amazing. Seriously. Plus I want to say, that you have an awesome neighborhood.

rebecca said...

K, we are coming to your house next year for Halloween. Get ready!