Tuesday, March 6, 2012

running and bowling and treats...OH MY!

Lake to Lake Relay 2012! squinty eyes and all! 
 we were the
-hence the arabian jewel on our heads.
this is the team- minus two...
 it was a 52 miler and we each ran two legs.
i ran 6.07 and 4.34. it wasn't too bad...
I didn't have brutal hills like these other gals did.

although i was pretty convinced my first 6 miles were tough! 
it was freezing. then hot. then i felt like i had lead feet! 
 good thing i just bore through it, when you know you have teamates waiting on you,
 you just kick it in gear... ha! 
Marty and the kiddos came to see me after my second leg...
so sweet,  i love this man and these rascals}
some pics of ricki. such form!  :)

renee, me, rick and teresa
we left our house at 7 and didn't get home till after 4!! It was a long-day relay!
But it was SO great.
so glad i did it and was a part of it.
Thanks Ricki for getting it organized and Tony for sponsoring our team!!!

btw, this race was beautiful!  it started at Gunlock and ended at Sand Hollow Reservoir.  the finish line was picturesque!!  

now for some random stuff...

A new found love for Charlie...the kids have gotten to be pretty good bowlers...we went once with my WHOLE family while we were up north last time...
...and again with their cousin Emri for her 3rd birthday.
(I forgot to post this with my valentine post)...the kids got THREE packages in ONE day...for valentines!  and they were all at the post box with me-which rarely happens.
they were in HEAVEN.  it was so fun! 
SO many treats
thank you GRANDMA andGRANDPA A.
and GRANDPA L. and NANA MERRY!!!:)


dunlop family said...

truly. your family is precious! i love that we got to hang out again this past weekend! see you around...hopefully soon! xo

Mary Kelly said...

My kids are obsessed with bowling!!! Hae you heard of kidsbowlfree.com? Free bowling through the summer. It rocks. I hope there is an alley in St. George that participates.