Sunday, March 25, 2012

our Spring Break...

Sadly we didn't go anywhere spectacular for Spring Break...we went up north! ha ha! {so ordinary and lame}...but we love to see our family and Ruby adores her cousins and would rather see and play with them then visit Disney Land or something. (maybe not rather but it's close:)  Ruby got to celebrate her early birthday with her cousins Sunday night when we arrived.  For her spotlight she played the guitar.  Just some random, cute, strumming. 

I worked a full day on Monday at a dentist office in Ogden (thanks Jami), and my parents got in a lot of lovey time with the kids.  Probably too much.:) 
 Tuesday I had a Dr. appt. at the Huntsman Cancer Institute to address this problem...moles are all still clear though!-nothing needing to be removed or biopsed!  yay!

Charlie was obsessed with this book!!  It was around when I was litle and I remember my Mom reading it to me.  He wanted this read CONSTANTLY to him.  I had to hide it a couple of times because it was getting annoying...{.in a sort of cute way}
I was able to meet up with some friends while in town...
yes, we are standing in front of a Chik-Fil-A playground...its sad, the places you eat out when kids are in-tow.!  ha!  I love this dear girl Nichole and her amazing husband Jake and their cuter-than-ever baby Isaac.

Wednesday we got together at my sister-Tiffanys, for a 'playdate' in the morning for a couple hours.  It was great.  I love getting with my sis's.  We missed Jaimilyn though!

Thursday Marty came up on the shuttle from George and we picked him up in Salt Lake and then met Ryan and Becca {Marty's bro} for lunch.  Such sweet hugs from cousins that don't see each other often enough anymore!  :( 
Crossing our fingers that we get to meet up with you guys in Cali in May! 

We had some good 'Grandma Sugar' time as well.  We did another little candle blowing ceremony for Ruby's birthday that hadn't really happened yet.~

Thursday night we went to the temple and out to eat at Paradise Bakery for my Mom's birthday.  It was real special.  Michelle and her husband Jared couldn't come because of sick kids but everyone else with spouse in tow was there....I love it! 
 I have a wonderful family. 

We did sealings together...Marty and I got married here in the Bountiful Temple and haven't been back much to this Temple, so it was pretty neat. 

And once again....Ruby got a pre-birthday- birthday.  Needless to say she will get two more celebrations the following week!!.  sheesh!  Those pics {of her real birthday and the-friend (too many of them) Dragon Party} to be posted soon! 
 Grandma and Grandpa made Ruby waffles on Friday morning and gave her some gifts.  Thanks Mom and Dad...for spoiling your grandkids so we don't have to as much! ha!
 Saturday we headed home after a baby shower for my sweet cousin, Katie.  I didn't take a picture of it but I made a hooded towel for her baby boy...from a great blog tutorial.  I like this pattern more than any I've tested...the hood is softer and has a more professional look to it.   We played a game that I loved- you buy a bunch of candy bars of all kinds and split the group of guests into 4 or 5. Then give each group 5 candy bars and a piece of cardstock and marker.  Each group comes up with baby advice using those candy bars.  It was hilarious and fun; and the mom-to-be takes home all the candy to eat or take to the hospital.  Such a great idea! 
It was a full and lovely week.

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cheeks said...

It was so fun to see you guys! I'm glad you pick to come to the colder part of the state for spring break while everyone else floods into your town for theirs!! Ruby's birthday sounds never ending.... It's exhausting as a parent of that! Haha! Been there recently :) I'm glad you got a pic at the temple even tho everyone gave you so much crap for it... I'll be stealing it soon, thanks!! See you soon?!