Friday, March 30, 2012

My 38 lb. 7 year old...

this little, petite, pigeon-toed munchkin turned 7 ! 
too crazy! and yet very believable by the way she is talking and attituding:) 
Here she is in her overnight sock curls or these- which I LOVE...(thanks Lindsie* for telling me about them)

birthday breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries and yogurt, mandarin oranges, cinnamon toast and hot chocolate.

the sock curls...


really, i want to make a cool looking cake...but not this year:)  it was yummy though! {blueberry cake with lemon icing} 
the birthday invitation...whooooooo. I think Ruby's favorite part of the whole deal was delivering these!~

Ruby painted this picture of 'toothlis' (Toothless, from How to Train your Dragon)

real dragon eggs to hunt for in the yard (the kids were quite disappointed when it was only side walk chalk...they wanted real dragons babies!)  and dragon masks to fight and play in..
{searching for eggs...went a lot faster than i thought}

the whole crazy crew....  yep 15 of them,  one was missing from this pic.

all kinds of weird dying dragons games...

and more games...
and dragon food (muddy buddy's, only because its a favorite in my house and i didn't want to make another cake), we had to eat like a dragon, no hands...

frozen dragon-fire ice cubes...that melted in their drink

and even though i said 'no presents please' on the invitation...everyone cheated and brought a card or gift...the cards were way cute, and my point was to not make people feel obligated to bring something, so it all worked out i guess:)

one of Ruby's favorite gifts was this lego set from grandpa lee!

amongst all the craziness this week, ruby's real and friend birthday, me working two full days in a row and other 'stuff', my aunt and uncle took us out to eat while they were in town was so yummy and fun.  we ate at the anasazi  grill. got to cook our own meet right in front of us at the table.  and topped it off with chocolate fondu...  thanks for the night-out you guys! was so fun seeing and talking with you!  we love nights out....with adult conversation:)


Rebecca said...

Look how creative you are! Love the dragon party!

Karen said...

happy Birthday Ruby!