Monday, July 9, 2012

lots, and lots and lots....

Merry and Lee came to see us on their way up to northern UTAH -from cali} 
 We LOVED having them for a couple hours...the kids were in heaven.

my birthday breakfast -BIG 32 !!.  this is not my usual bedtime attire...
marty got me some 'keens" i am so in love with them.

  i got a massage that afternoon. and we went out with the cliffords that night.  
it was a great , relaxing day}

4th of july festivities.  we had the annual cousin sleepover at my parents house. 
 it never disappoints.

we played pirate bingo, all were supposed to have a piece of pirate agenda on,
but these two {my aunt and uncle} took the cake.
me and my cousin Kimby.
no fireworks:(   but sparklers sort of did the trick. i missed not seeing any that whole holiday. booo!  for fires!

all kinds of weird moves were busted with the outdoor music. 
 we all get-down and groovy, well most of us.
 my mom wanted me to erase this picture immediately! she's doing pretty good though...
the next morning...the day of the 4th ..most of us ran in the annual henefer 5k.
medaling in my age group made no difference because my goal was to beat this bad boy on my left.
and i thought i was going to!- until he passed me after the first mile or so. 
he lied about running an 8 min mile so i thought i had it in the bag if i pushed it hard...come to find out it was more like 7 min miles! sucka! 
but i got my PR so i don't half-care, except i hate running that hard i decided. 
 it makes me sick and kind of hate the sport.?
the top pic is us 'running-in' with michelle and megan -all of the sisters in line- except Ingrid- who just had a babe 2 weeks prior and already looks like skinny-minny and probably never needs to run again!

we {my family, cousins, etc.} always win all the drawing prizes at the race.  all the locals in henefer hate us.  but it's only 5 bucks to run this race, its 10 min from my mom's house and they give all kinds of prizes and t-shirts!  how can you not!  jami and michelle BOTH won the baskets-there were only two given away...there was like a 100 dollars worth of stuff in each!

parade in morgan and swimming at my parents.
such festive summer things. 

lots and lots of cousin time.  these crazy kids! 

yummy colorful pinterest food:) 
the kabobs were a HIT with the kids.
{it was a 'shockingly' good time}
and i love this lady

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