Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the week before

Ruby had one free week before her first day of first grade started. (it's a big deal right) We'd been back and forth so much up north it hardly feels like we live in St. George!  SO...we swam for 3 days straight at the 'best indoor/outdoor pool in Dixie!'.  The kids were in h.e.a.v.e.n.  They've turned into quite the little swimmers!

This is the pool, that yes, Charlie
almost died in and it was right where this picture
was taken.  Above, Marty finally
had him on his back floating around
without him screaming it was
great. (okay it looks as though he is screaming
but he's actually smiling)

We went to the Washington County
Fair with our friends, Tasha
and Christopher.
It was, well, it was just what
you'd expect from a fair. The
balloon in Liam's hand is the best
I've ever seen from a 'balloon
man' -now that is a ride~ And the
sugar left over from the funnel
cake (recipe here) is NOT an option to waste-
must be licked off! (apparently)
We watched a man called 'dizzy hips'
 perform with hula hoops.
It was really amazing.  It's Ruby's new
aspiration-she can really get that
thing a swinging.  Wonder
if that's something she can
compete with in High
School, no?

And of course -because they saw them- we let them
 ride a couple rides...a couple meaning- 2. Not that we
couldn't see the excitement in their eyes
while they rode but because they
are like 4 bucks a ride!

And here it is...ba ba ba bum!-  first day, first grade pics! How excited can on 35lb kid get~!
Her brothers were sad to see her off, in fact Liam ran to her room the second we got home and locked himself in.  He stayed for HOURS playing with her stuffed animals.  He combined his with hers and found himself in a sea of stuffiness, a plethora of animals...his DREAM.  He can play and play forever w/those things and I am not allowed to play with him. I guess it's nice when I have stuff to do?! 

This is the second day of the first grade.  I had to get her pic by the school sign! It was too crowded before.  She is totally bugged and done with pictures...she just wants to get to her desk!  She told me that is her favorite place to be now.  wow.


Heather said...

Cute post! Isn't it crazy that we're old enough to have kids in school all day. My little claire doesn't know what to do with her brothers gone. It's so sad. You're little first grader is so cute!!!

Diane Wright said...

Mindy, you are so funny. I love what you write. my favorite picture is the one where Ruby is making a face at you in front of the school. She can really make some faces. I miss them already now that I'm home.

Kim said...

K - lovin' Miss Ruby's outfits...where oh where can I find some threads like that for my cutie pies. She is looking so excited to start school! Looks like you guys are having fun in your new home!