Monday, August 29, 2011

JACKson HOle

Here we are...on our way to the 'couples retreat'!  NO KIDS! yeehah!

Our amazing mother...DIANE...was gracious, loving and brave enough to let us fly her out here and tend our kiddos.  They LOVED her and it was great one-on-one time since they don't get to see her often enough! 

We got to Jackson on a Thursday night and ate steak, potatoes, salad
and shrimp.  We were in 2 separate condos with 4 bedrooms
 we each got our own room and bathroom. They were really nice and
cozy.  Friday, my parents arranged a white water rafting trip on the
 snake river for all of us. It was so awesome, a definite out of the
 norm-activity! It was exhilarating to be on the water like that and be
 so scared and then realize you lived thru the near death experience
 (5x over) on the river to post maybe.
We got cleaned up after rafting and headed to Bar J Wranglers for dinner.
Had to have a picture by the 'infamous archway'.  My parents
went there for there honeymoon 40 years ago and haven't been
 back since!  But this is one spot they remembered well.

My incredible parents at Bar J, they are the best.

This is the food you eat there.  Not gourmet by any means.  They serve you what you'd really eat out on a ranch so it has meaning and this place serves 75,000-85,000 people a summer!  Talk about needing to mass produce!  This is my beautiful sis-in-law Jami.

Here is the whole fam-damily.  I love them all so much.  We get a long so great and I couldn't ever replace them, with the exception of replacing them with my in-laws ...I am so blessed!  Look how happy and relaxed we are without our chillens' ha!

Our Saturday hike...

We hiked Jenny Lake with my sis and her husband.  It was breathtaking.

I can never pass a body of water without getting in...esp. clear cold water like this. 
No, I did not have an extra set of clothes...or underwear.  The hike back was a little soggy.  But the dive was well worth it.

We ate at this fabulous place called Q. Roadhouse BBQ.  I had the thai green curry and coconut chicken and Marty had the shrimp and white cheddar grits.  I highly recommend this joint to anyone in the area....phenomenal and there is an outside field that sits between this and another restaurant for kids to play in while adults wine & dine-stupendous idea!

Games, games, games. I love it.  I love when my family plays games.  It's the best.  Here is the boys team trying to make one teammate guess the charades word.  Doesn't look like they are even trying to act out the same thing! And everyone is so intent.  It was a crack up!  We played a couple other group games that really got us laughing.

Thanks Mom and Dad for such a wonderful weekend!  It truly was memorable.  And treasured. 


Heather said...

That looks like so much fun! My family did that vacation once and I totally know what you mean about river rafting, so fun and so scary. I love that pic of you and jami, you are both gorgeous in it! We need to get together again sometime! I'm glad that you had so much fun!!!

cheeks said...

i love that you and heather are friends now :) that really was the best trip! your "our" parents are so great! i can't believe you really got in the was FREEEEEEZING!!!! you need to send me your pics from the trip...esp the ones of ma and pa :)

Diane Wright said...

I love all your pictures the best. So much to think about. 1st, you have such a great family. I wish they were mine. 2nd, I love the Tetons and those pictures made me want to go there again. 3rd, I love that you jumped in the lake, what, did someone tell you to "go jump in the lake"? 4th, I need to know what charade word the guys were acting out. 5th, think how many bambi's gave their life to make that archway. And 6th and most of all I miss the kiddos.

Reeves Family said...

I love the Anderton Family! You all look fabulous. Sounds like a blast :)

the witch doctor said...

loved the post and pics from Tetons = It was great but as with everything. it looks even greater and more fun through memories and pictures. It was fun to see Ruby's 1st day of school...always so exciting and she looks so dang cute!!! And those stories of Charlie and his near-death experiences....sounds familiar but still SCARRY! I remember nearly driving off with a car seat on top of the car roof with baby safely strapped in,,,I can't remember which one it was so I can't be sued. And luckily I came to my senses before putting the car in gear!!! I think that guardian angels are watching over those little ones at times when their parents are 'out-to-lunch' AND I know some kids are more prone to wander, and attract trouble. So keeping a close eye on Charlie is probably a good idea~ luv ya