Sunday, September 25, 2011

My birthday boy

Liam turned 4! 

My parents were in town for the big day and we went to
 see the "Little Mermaid" at Tuacahn  It was AMAZING to say
 the least.  Well worth the money and one of the best performances
 to come  out of that I hear. It was our first time going
 and we LOVED it.  The kids were so intrigued.  Several times Ruby
 laughed out loud, she was thoroughly entertained.

They kids had some great Grandma and Grandpa time.  Oh how they miss them!

I LOVE watching kids open presents it is one of the best things to watch.  It doesn't take much to get kids excited and happy as long as there is wrapping paper around it!

We went to the park the next day and rode their favorite
 thing...even my mom rode with them...she hasn't had that much
 fun since she was a kid!  ha!
My Mom has been giving each grand kid for their birthday this year a special book all about them. It's quite alot of work cuz she has to sort thru all her pictures over the last year...which is ALOT... and find ones specific for that child. Then choose the best ones for the book; which has about 20 pages filled with pictures of them.  It is such a treasure and I know it's very time consuming. Especially when you get 6 or 7 grand kids in a month!  Thanks Mom!
  We ate at the Pizza Factory the day they left...gotta love them bread sticks, ain't that right Charlie?

This reminds me of the setting we had when my parents were here last moving us in...except the food is much better!  We ate Cubano Steak this night and it was so, so good.

Happy Birthday my little knight in shinning!


Heather said...

Looks like you had fun celebrating!The Tuhacan is AWESOME isn't it? They actually do a Nativity thing at Christmas that's free. It's always fun having company in town.
It was fun to see you at Walmart the other day. I can't believe I said the "V" word like three times! What the heck is wrong with me? I have no filter. Anyway, take care!!!

Amy D. said...

Happy Birthday Liam! We're coming down for fall break and have tickets to the Little Mermaid. The kids are so excited!! We'll have to get together. swim/play. I'll let you know.

Mindy and Marty said...

totally come see us! we'll watch little grant for you if your m-i-l can't! i'm so glad you got tickets they are sold out now. way to go! you'll love it.

Diane Wright said...

Wow, Liam, you had the best birthday lasting days. Way to go. I miss you buddy.