Friday, September 2, 2011

if you don't like to run or eat...

this might bore you...

Ricki organized a relay-run with some friends.  She was the captain of the team and pulled it all together.  It was a 5 person team...Brooke, Heather, Ricki, Me and Julie.

 It's called the Cedar Express 31 Mile Relay.  Looks like I am running in the middle of a desert...well I kind of was.
Before my exchange...can't you see how excited I was ! ha!  It was so hot!

We felt pretty good after a rest in the air conditioned car after our
 first legs...but spoke too soon... this is shortly before my second leg
 where I wanted to dig a hole and die.

yep desert , yep die..

I was the last runner in ...can't you tell by the cherry red tomato face?!  Teresa on the far left was our 'nurse/gps navigator' and we loved having her there to support us.  She was a great motivator!   We took 4th overall in the women's division.  The first 3 teams got cash prizes...Dang Dog!  I hate missing it by ONE I'd rather have taken last! ha. j/k

That night we had Tasha and Christopher over for dinner...well we had them at our house ...THEY made the meal...gourmet meal

Fresh Alaskan salmon (w/topher's homemade seasoning!), tortellini spinach salad with pistachios, pine nuts, avocado, green onions, grape tomato, shredded Parmesan and mozzarella cheese and a little creamy Caesar dressing; fruit salad with some citrus marinade, diet coke with lemons, french bread with oil and bal. vinegar and chips and salsa or hummus.  I made a blueberry pound cake for dessert.  Talk about hmm, hmm good.

Classic Liam, classic.  He leaned in right when Marty took the picture. 

Two other important things to note last week...Ruby went on her first ever DADDY DAUGHTER CAMP-OUT with our ward.  She was in heaven.  Although it felt like 100 degree's all night ...Marty said he didn't sleep a wink.  He just layed and sweated. (both adj. are not technically words but they describe it well)

And Liam had his first day of pre-school.  He is so happy to have HIS thing and not just running around for Ruby all the time.  He LOVES to feel this special.  And he loves his 'homework' time. 



Rebecca said...

Aww I can't wait for lydia to go on a daddy daughter campout! And you look very sexy when you run. Most people look like death. You should model for Nike.

Karen said...

so cute! What a fabulous dinner and a great run!

Diane Wright said...

no grass under your running feet. You have made quite a few friends in a shor time. Some can even cook. Great. Liam, you crack me up. Love you guys.

Heather said...

Okay, so I don't love to run but I do LOVE to eat! I wasn't bored either. I wish I was a runner. You look like one hot mamma running. You make me wish I could run!!!

Ricki said...

Yeah! What a fun time that was! Even if the whole time I was wondering what in the world I was even doing out there and why or why I signed us all up for such a thing! In the end, I am so glad we did it! And will do it again next year and do better than 4th! I am so glad we had your speedy little body to boost our time!

Rick and Angie said...

Mindy - you are amazing!!! that would've been such a blast! I'm so glad you did it!!!